3 Powerful Ways to Have a Stellar Day

So you want to have a good day?

One that’s filled with joy and enthusiasm?

A day you could actually write home about for once?

Well, you’re in luck.

Because right here, right now, I’m gonna give you three ways to have a stellar day — even if you woke up with a looming black cloud hanging over you.

Ready to get started? Great!

Let’s get to it.

1) Give thanks for your blessings

Don’t make this hard any harder than it has to be.

Grab a pen and paper and write down three things you’re grateful for.

A beautiful and loving wife, a smart and strong-willed daughter, a driveway you don’t have to shovel this morning.

Bam! Done.

Now sit down for a few minutes and think about everything you wrote down. Then, out load, say “Thank you for these blessings. I’m so grateful they’re a part of my life.”

You can even take it a step further by soaking in a Gratitude Marinade.

What? You don’t know what a Gratitude Marinade is?

No worries — you can snag the recipe here.

Don’t say I never did anything for ya.

2) See the good in everyone

This isn’t always easy.

People can be real SOBs sometimes.

But your day (and life) will be infinitely better if you can push those initial reactions aside and start looking for the good in everyone you encounter.

Perhaps they have nice eyes.

Maybe you like their hair.

Maybe they display boatloads of patience when their kid is literally melting into the floor.

Who knows.

It takes a bit of practice to see the good in everyone.

But I promise, once you start doing it, you’ll be surprised how much you actually start liking other people, and you’ll start noticing things about them you never would have before.

Feel free to tell people what you like about them, too.

Not only does it feel great to give a compliment, but it could also be the best part of someone else’s day, month, or even year.

Real heroes see the good in everyone AND let them know about it.

Be a hero today. Soon, you might even start feeling like one.

3) Expect something wonderful to happen

I like to live life without any expectations.

If something happens, it happens. I don’t get worked up about it either way.

But here, I make an exception.


Because expecting something wonderful to happen makes life exciting. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

New opportunities, new friends, new experiences.

Your something wonderful could even take you completely by surprise.

The possibilities are endless.

And if you start priming your mind to expect wonderful things to happen, you start creating conditions in your psyche and your spirit which attract those wonderful things to your life.

This — though not the entire picture — is the very basis of the Law of Attraction. If you want to make it work for you, you must start here.

But that’s an entirely different story for an entirely different day.

For now, start expecting something wonderful to happen.

It might not happen today, but it will happen.

Stay optimistic, and let that optimism add light to each and every day.


It’s tough waking up and dreading the day ahead of you.

Bad days stack on top of each other and make it seemingly impossible to move forward with any excitement.

But having a better day doesn’t have to be quite so… difficult.

In fact, it can be downright easy if you start doing these three simple things.

Give thanks for your blessings.

See the good in everyone.

And expect something wonderful to happen.

If you do this (and you do it consistently) I promise it’ll make a difference.

You’ll be well on your way to better days, indeed.

Halt right there!

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