It’s easy once you “get it”

Few years back, I HATED waking up early.

My alarm would go off, I’d roll out of bed, grab my phone, and then debate hitting snooze for “another 5 minutes.”

Which, more often than not, I did.

But 5 minutes would turn into 10.

10 minutes would turn into 20.

You answer makes all the difference

When you see someone doing something you’ve always wanted to do, how do you respond?

Do you become envious?

Do you become excited?

Does it motivate you to go out and do it for yourself?

Or do you close yourself off and get agitated and annoyed?

The reason I ask…

The sooner you get it, the better

Okay, okay.

I owe you a follow-up from my last article — I know.

Last we spoke, I told you that you probably couldn’t move to Costa Rica. But I also told you that you probably could.

… that is, if you did something very, very important first.

So, what…

But also why you probably can, too

Since our move to Costa Rica, people have been hitting us up wondering how they can do it, too.

They’re curious how they can “make it work.”

In other words, if they don’t have enough savings in place to get up and go for months at a time…

Is there…

I’m sure you’ll be glad you did

For most, there’s a lot to get done in a day.

No doubt about that.

And when you’re juggling your kids, your pets, your relationships, and trying to squeeze in your hobbies, too…

It can be damn-near impossible to get everything done.

At least in the way you’d like to.

And restarted our lives from scratch

Alright, so the cat’s outta the bag.

My family done packed up our life and moved to Costa Rica.

Well, for the next 90 days, anyway.

We sold everything we owned.

Crossed our i’s and dotted our t’s.

And are now living the high-life pasty as ol’ hell.

Why’d we…

And how fast can you make them happen?

Wow, am I ever tired.

But you know what? I’m loving every minute of it.

Why? Because I’m moving FORWARD.

I’m moving AHEAD.

I’m doing everything in my power to GO AFTER IT and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

And you should, too.

It doesn’t matter what you want.

A better career.

We’ll greet you when we get there

Let it be known.

Today is the day our lives will change forever.

And I don’t mean that as a cliché.

Far, far from it, actually.

No, TODAY is the day our adventure begins.

The culmination of our preparation and our planning.

To say I’m excited is an understatement.


Your life will be utterly magical if you do

When looking for a partner, find someone who will:

  • Help you build a shared vision for your future.
  • Keep you motivated to actually build it.
  • Listen to your reasoning when you want to change course.
  • Hold you accountable when you start to fall behind.
  • Call you out when you’re incongruent…

Retreating is for suckers

There’s something liberating about “burning the boats behind you.”

Leaving yourself with no means of escape or retreat.

Having no way to go back on a decision you’ve already made.

You force yourself to go forward.

You force yourself to move ahead.

You force yourself to face your fears because…

Daniel P. Donovan

Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.

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