Choosing Your Title on Upwork

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So far on Upwork, you’ve completed the following sections:

Expertise Level
Hourly Rate

The next section is one of the most important of all.

7.1) Title

Here’s what you’re going to see:

Upwork Title Section

Let’s start with your Title.

You’ll see in the provided example that it says “Writing.”

Don’t do this.

This is so vague and generic, it’s not going to help you.

Instead, what you want to do is (1) Think about those ‘keywords’ again, and (2) Choose a title that makes you seem like the perfect fit.

Let’s look at some examples.

Instead of saying “Copywriter”

Say something like “Sales Copywriter for Health & Wellness Businesses.”

Instead of saying “Graphic Design”

Say something like “Graphic Designer: Superior Quality Graphic Designs That Scream Professionalism & Authority”

Do you see what I’m doing there?

The point is to make yourself stand out and not be generic. And, if you only want to work in a specific industry, you can call that out in your title, too.

For example…

You’re not just an “Email Copywriter”… you’re an “Email Copywriter for Personal Development Brands & Personalities.”

Now imagine if a Personal Development professional was looking for an Email Copywriter and they came across this profile. Do you think they’d be interested to chat with this freelancer? Of course they would.

People want to hire someone who has relevant experience first.

Remember that.

So go ahead and do your best to make your Title both specific and compelling and we’ll jump into the Overview tomorrow.

Halt right there!

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