Do it for Kobe

Basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020 — sending a palpable wave of shock and heartbreak throughout the entire world.

Kobe was 41. His daughter, “Gigi,” was 13.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’m a big fan of the sport. I know nothing about basketball, really. I never watch it. I don’t know the rules. And unless you’re a player with a meteoric rise to stardom, chances are I know nothing about you.

But everyone knew Kobe Bryant.

He was one of the rarefied athletes that defined a sport for as long as I can remember. His talent, his passion, his commitment, and his fire were undeniable — you didn’t have to be a fan of the sport to recognize that.

I can only imagine the amount of lives he’s impacted. The amount of people he’s inspired. The amount of talent that’s been harvested from others simply because they wanted to follow in his footsteps. I can also imagine how many people revered him and thought he would be with us forever.

At 41, Kobe Bryant had a whole life ahead of him.

At 13, his daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, had many more.

I’m writing about Kobe not because I knew him, not because I idolized him, and not because I know anything about the sport he came to conquer.

I’m writing about him because of the fragility of life.

I’m writing about him because, at any second, our biggest heroes can be taken from us — leaving us vulnerable and heartbroken in the aftermath.

I’m writing about him as a reminder to cherish every precious moment we have with those we care about so deeply.

Life is already short enough — and, for some, without a moment’s warning, it can be made even shorter. That’s a painful reality we must always remember.

Your grudges don’t matter.

Your petty arguments don’t matter.

Your irritation and annoyance and disagreements with others don’t matter.

What matters is love.

What matters is respect.

What matters is savouring each precious moment we have with those we love and care about.

Don’t let those moments pass with anything but unconditional love. One day, you’ll be dying to get them back. So make sure you make the most of each.

Kobe, his daughter, and everyone else on that helicopter were taken from the world while still having so much to give.

Honor them by cherishing every single moment you have with those you encounter today.

Halt right there!

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Daniel P. Donovan

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