How to Set Big Juicy Goals

What’s stopping you?

Daniel P. Donovan
2 min readSep 7, 2020


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What big goals do you have for yourself?

And I don’t mean “buy a house,” or “save $30,000,” or anything like that.

I mean big, BIG goals.

Goals that scare you a little bit, but also EXCITE you.

Do you have any of those?

Do you have any ‘bigger than life’ objectives?

The reason I ask is because, if you don’t, there’s no better time than now to starting thinking about it.

And you can start by asking yourself these questions:

“If I could do anything in my life, what would it be?


“At the end of my life, what would I have liked to achieve?”

Nothing is off limits here.

Write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind.

If you want to do something… yet have NO IDEA how you’d actually do it… add it to your list anyway.

Humor yourself.

Stretch your imagination as far as you can.

No one has to see this list but you.

For me, it’s simple:

— Write a book
— Record an album
— Learn to dance
— Become a doctor
— Start a school

And that’s it.

Now, of course, my list can change.

I might add more to it — but it’s doubtful I ever take anything away.

These are goals I’ve desired for a long time… and even though they may be far out of my grasp or seemingly ‘impossible’ to achieve… they still make the list.

I still keep my eyes on them.

I still keep working towards them.

I still keep telling myself they’ll one day be mine.

Because you know what?

One day, they will be — I’m sure of it.

But it’s up to me to own them… it’s up to me to nurture them… and it’s up to me to take control and turn them into reality.

It doesn’t matter how big the goal is…

Or how far-fetched my wildest dreams can be…

What matters is that I want to achieve them.

And that’s all the reason I need to try.

Life’s too short to not go after the things you want.

So why not buckle up and go after them?

Halt right there!

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