The undeniable best day to start something new

Go on, admit it.

You already tanked (at least) one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

You tried, no doubt. And for that, you get a shiny new participation ribbon to hang up on your Wall of Failure. Hooray!

But let’s not pussyfoot around the facts here…

Your resolution never stood a snowball’s chance in hell, did it?

And even though you were more eager than a politician spending someone else’s money to make it happen, you just… couldn’t… stick to it.

You tried and failed… again.

But guess what?

That’s okay.

In fact, it’s more than okay.

Wanna know why?

Because what you don’t know is that there’s an even better day to take action. A day you don’t have to wait once a year for. A day that makes waaaaay more sense to get started making changes in your life.

And that day, believe it or not, is…


See, most people like to put off their resolutions until the ‘time is right.’ They want to piggyback off the energy of New Year to carry them forward to the promise land.

They want to make sure everything is in place.

They want to make sure the stars are aligned.

And they want to feel ready to get started.

Problem is…

You’ll never feel ready.

The time will never be right.

And if you miss the boat on January 1st, you’ll likely set your sights 365 days in the future when you can try it all over again.

Talk about a waste of time.

Instead, you need to look at this a little different.

You need to look at EVERY DAY as the start of a New Year. Or better yet, the start of a New Life… you’re new life.

Whatever it is you want to change… whatever destructive habits you want to eliminate… whatever goals you want to accomplish… start today.

Don’t wait until after the weekend.

Don’t wait until the start of next month.

And please, for the love of all that’s sacred and holy, don’t wait until the start of a New Year.

The undeniable best day to get started is the same day you decide it’s time to change. Start then. And if you fail, start all over again. Then again… and again… and again… until you’ve finally done it.

You’ll get there through persistence.

But only if you start today.

Halt right there!

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