The unexpected place where your greatest success is hiding

Clarence Darby was a motivated young man.

Like many others in his time, he was caught by the “gold-fever” in the gold-rush days and ventured west to unearth his fortune.

The going was certainly tough, but after weeks of hard work he was finally rewarded with the discovery of shining oar. The only problem was that he needed machinery to bring the rest of the oar to the surface… machinery that he didn’t have.

So he covered his discovery the best he could and returned home to tell his relatives about the ‘strike.’ His intentions were to whet their appetites for the taste of gold so they would give him the funds he needed for the equipment.

It worked.

They gave him the money and he returned west to work the mine.

The first load of oar was mined and shipped to the smelter for examination. To everyone’s astonishment, Clarence had found one of the richest gold mines in Colorado! A few more loads would clear his debt and then the riches would come flooding in.

The ‘gold-fever’ was burning hotter than ever before.

But then something happened…

The vein of gold disappeared.

Clarence continued digging, desperately trying to pick up the vein again. But there was nothing. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was gone.

Finally, in a state of despondency, Clarence decided to quit. He sold off all the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and took the train back home.

It would be many, many years before he paid off all his debt.

The junk man, on other hand, wasn’t quite done with the mine.

He hired a mining consultant to come in and figure out what went wrong. A vein of gold shouldn’t just disappear like that — and it didn’t. But Clarence wasn’t familiar enough with ‘fault lines’ to know any better.

Based on the mining consultant’s calculations, the vein of gold could be picked up again just three feet away from where Clarence stopped digging.

And that’s exactly where it was found.

The junk man — who was wise enough to seek expert council before giving up on the mine — made off like a bandit and made millions from the discovery.

Clarence Darby, on the other hand, stopped three feet short of the greatest fortune he could ever imagine.

The lesson here is one of the most important lessons of all…

Before you experience great success, you’re sure to encounter temporary defeats and setbacks along the way, perhaps even failure.

But don’t let these setbacks discourage you. Expect them. Welcome them. And understand that they’re necessary in order to move forward.

When you’re at your whits end, feeling down and defeated, like you’ll never reach your objective… that’s when it’s most important to keep going.

In those moments, you have to pick yourself up and push even harder than before — because oftentimes, it’s directly after your biggest defeats that you’ll unearth your biggest successes.

Don’t ever stop short of the gold you’re looking for.

Persevere through defeat and you’re bound to pick up the vein again.

Halt right there!

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