Things You CAN Control Right Now [Part I]

Do this as soon as you can

Daniel P. Donovan
2 min readMar 30, 2020
Photo by Diego González on Unsplash

If you’ve been following along these past few days, you’ll know that we’ve been discussing things that are outside of your control right now.

Things like…

  • The actions of others
  • How long this will last
  • If others follow the rules
  • And so on

Today, I’d like to visit the other side of the spectrum and discuss some things you CAN control — because, ultimately, that’s what you should be focusing on right now. Everything else is just a waste of valuable energy.

Ready to get started? Great!

Let’s dive in.

Turning off the news

It’s tempting to watch the news right now, I know.

You want to feel like you know what’s going on. You want to feel like you you’re staying updated with timely information. You want to feel safe knowing that you’re not missing out on anything important.

I get it.

But guess what?

If something really important happens — and it’s so important that you must know about it — I guarantee you’re going to learn about it sooner than later. Someone will tell you when there’s something you need to know.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay glued to the news yourself.

In fact, tuning out of the news is the best decision you can make.


Because every moment you spend glued to the news is another moment you spend filling your psyche with whatever mainstream fear is on the menu today. It’s toxic and it’s meant to keep you perpetually shaking in your boots. And the more you watch it, the more it brings you down.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Instead, turn off the news and do something else. Be deliberate and intentional with what you’re allowing yourself to focus on.

The more you watch the news, the more you instill yourself with fear.

Remember that.

And so ends Part I of Things You CAN Control.

We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow.

Halt right there!

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