Write the Letter You’ve Always Wanted to Receive

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There are many ways you can transmute your pain into healing — some of them much, much easier than others.

But today, we’re not going the easy route — in fact, today’s method may be one of the most difficult (yet powerful) methods of them all.

It takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage to do what I’m about to suggest — and to be completely honest, most people would never allow themselves to come this close to their source of suffering.

However, if you are able to follow through with this exercise, not only will you cast a light on the deepest corners of your soul… but you’ll also give yourself permission to change your relationship with your pain — thereby turning your most cripping weakness into your most formidable strength.

It takes a lot of guts to do this. Truly.

And it’s most certainly not for the faint of heart.

But I promise you, if you commit to the heart of this exercise, you’ll be able to heal your pain as deep as you can go — I want that for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

Grab and pen and paper and find a place to be alone.

Then, when you’re ready, I want you to start writing a letter to yourself from the person who hurt you. That’s right — you’re going to assume the role of the person who inflicted your wounds… and you’re going to speak to yourself as that person.

Now, in this letter, you’re going to write all of things you’ve always wanted to hear from them. How they’re sorry… how they wish they could take all your pain away… how none of it was ever your fault… how what they did was wrong and should have never happened… how you never deserved to be the victim… how you never did anything wrong… how there was never anything wrong about you… how they wish they could go back and do things differently… how they should have never dishonored your heart and spirit…

… everything you’ve ever wanted to hear from them — and I mean everything — write it down in your letter.

It’s going to hurt.

You’re going to cry.

But you’ll also release.

You’ll unburden.

And most of all…

… you’ll transform.

When your letter is finally written and you’ve said everything you’ve wanted to say, fold it up, put it in an envelope, and send it to yourself in the mail. It doesn’t need to show who it’s from, but it needs to be addressed to you.

When it arrives, find a place to be alone, open it up, and read.

And as you read, set your intentions to purify and release every negative emotion that surfaces. Everything that bubbles up — notice it, recognize it, and ask it to leave. Surround it with light and let it go.

This is your chance to heal yourself.

This is your chance to mend your wounds.

This is your chance to take the destructive energies you’ve repressed for so long and finally give them permission to pass through you.

The letter might be one you’ve written yourself…

… but it symbolizes a desire to transmute your pain into something else.

And that desire is the key ingredient here. For when you mix that desire with pure and honest intention, you’ll always get what you’re looking for.


Your pain won’t move unless you make it.

So take the time to write the letter you’ve always wanted — and in doing so, give yourself permission to lead your pain away.

Halt right there!

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