Your Ticket to Live in Paradise

The sooner you get it, the better

Daniel P. Donovan
2 min readMar 15, 2021
Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Okay, okay.

I owe you a follow-up from my last article — I know.

Last we spoke, I told you that you probably couldn’t move to Costa Rica. But I also told you that you probably could.

… that is, if you did something very, very important first.

So, what is it?

Well, here’s the thing.

If you want to come to Costa Rica long-term…

And make money while you’re here so you can sustain your life…

AND provide for yourself and your family so you all don’t end up stranded in a Central American jungle…

You need to earn a living.

And unless you’re retired or sitting on one helluva nest egg…

That means you’ll have to find a way to work.

How? It’s easy.

You start developing a location independent skill.

“What’s a location independent skill, Daniel?”

Well, as you can likely (and rightly) assume, a location independent skill is a skill that doesn’t tie you down to any 1 location.

It’s a skill that allows you to live and work from wherever you want in the world. Beaches, mountains, jungles, oceans — you name it.

As long as you have a connection to the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are. You’ll be able to make a living.

THAT’S the beauty of a location independent skill.

And there are many many MANY different skills you can start to learn and master as early as TODAY.

I’ve written articles about this before.

But tomorrow (or whenever I get around to it) I’ll circle back and reintroduce you to some of them.

Perhaps then you can start to develop a location independent skill for yourself.

Chat soon!

Morning person? Night owl?

Either way, there’s an untapped fortune lying hidden in your schedule. If you’re finally ready to discover it, click right here and I’ll show you how.